Memory Cards

Best Websites To Buy Memory Cards Online in India

A memory card is an electronic data storage device, in which any type of digital information can be stored easily. You can use it safely with any electronic gadgets like digital cameras, laptop, tablets PCs, gaming consoles or mobile phones.

It is true that they might not be as popular as smart phones or iPads but it is bound to be sure that you can’t even manage without it. Nowadays memory cards have become a necessary house hold item for everybody.

But before we proceed further, it is necessary to have some quick information about some of its important features and other things related to its performance.

The foremost crucial thing which we often overlook is its class. It is nothing but an individual rating of its speeds, the rate at which it transfers the data per second. The second thing that needs to be checked is its compatibility aspect. The third thing is its security.

How much secure it is, as it is very small in size. It’s better to search for some latest memory cards which carry enough security measures made with some shock proof technology.

Below I have mentioned the names of some websites which are considered to be the best in India for buying memory cards online. Please go through them.


An excellent place for buying memory cards; this is what appears to me right now as I am on the site of Flipkart for buying a memory card for myself. There are 5 classes of it- class 1, class 2, class 4, class 6 and class 10. Don’t forget to check for the compatibility aspect. You should be very much clear about the electronic device with which you are going to use your memory card. There are nice offers on the purchase of memory cards on Flipkart, starting from 10% and up to 50% and above.


Somewhere 1 week back my friend asked me” from where can I buy memory card”? I told him Saholic. He ordered it Friday afternoon and next day in the morning the packet was delivered in front of him. He was like totally surprised with the speedy delivery system of Saholic! My personal regard Samsung’s Micro SD card to be very good. Some brands on which you can safely rely are Samsung, Sony and Scandisk.


On – different types of memory cards have been categorized very well on the basis of their class, capacity, brands and price. It makes your job much easier and convenient. Some of the best selling memory cards are of Samsung, Scandisk, Transcend and Kingston. There is a huge discount on Samsung and Scandisk!


You can also put Greendust in your favorite list for buying memory cards online in India. You have too many options to look for on Greendust if you are going to buy a memory card from there. Check for the card class, supported cards, type, warranty, USB connection type, condition- new or old and its price.

Be happy and enjoy buying online on these websites and of course be Prosperous too!