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How to make your mobile app ads ready for install via Facebook?

Mobile phones have definitely become one of the most popular and user-friendly gadgets chosen by a wide population of students, businesspersons etc. Considering the ever-growing count of mobile users across the globe, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile apps have a great future ahead. People of all age groups are choosing mobile apps for finding solutions to a wide range of problems.

If you’re a mobile app developer, you’ll probably be occupied with a number of mobile app development projects pertaining to varied operating systems such as iOS, Android etc. Creating an ad for your mobile app has always been considered as an excellent means of promoting the app. In addition to this, driving installs for your mobile app can aid you in growing your business by huge bounds and leaps.

Today, through this post, I’ll be making you familiar with the method that’s used for attaining a ready-to-install status of your mobile app ad.

What’s the real purpose of driving installs for a mobile app ad?

Facebook has served as a brilliant platform for promoting mobile apps. Irrespective of what your app conveys, integrating it with Facebook can allow you to gather massive traffic from different corners of the world. Placing ads acts as a proven technique of marketing a mobile application.

It’s not surprising to find app developers succeed via placing advertisements of their apps on Apple App Store and Google Play. Making your mobile app ads ready for install increases your chances of bringing people to the App Store or Google Play. Facebook has emerged as the right platform for making apps ads ready-for-installation.

Making mobile app ads ready for install

Driving installs to your mobile app is a simple process. You can get your mobile app ads ready for installs by simply copy pasting your app’s Google Play or Apple App Store URL into Facebook’s Ads Create Tool. There’s a step-by-step procedure for making your mobile app ads installation-ready. Here’s a segregation of the steps involved in this process:

mobile app to installStep1- Choose the mobile app you want to promote(Here, app can either be the one that you’ve developed on Facebook or the one you’ve already placed on Google Play or Apple App Store)

mobile app 2

As a first step, you can opt for filling Ads Create Tool’s destination box as per any one of the following conditions:

  • Choose from a list of Facebook mobile apps developed by you
  • Copy paste the URL of your app that’s placed on Google Play or Apple App Store

Once you’re done with the above selection, proceed to Step No.2.

Step2- Define your objective

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Here, you need to select the radio button for “Get Mobile App Users”. This selection will signify your preference of displaying the app to all those who’re more likely to install your app using their mobile devices.

Step3- Customize your mobile app ad

As an initiative to make your mobile app ad stand out from the crowd, you need to customize its look and feel. This can be done by adding a custom message for your audience along with uploading a 1200X627 image. You can either go with the default images for “Title” and “Icon” or can choose to modify them as per your liking. I’ll recommend you to use a video for your mobile app ad. An appealing image for your video ad will act as a sure-shot means of tempting mobile users to click on your app’s ad.

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Step4- Choose an audience for your mobile app ad

Here, you need to select the mobile operating system; you want your app to run on. You can choose from iOS and Android, followed by selecting their respective versions. After this, you need to display your preference for the type of device you’re interested in reaching via the app. Here, you can choose from iPads, iPhones or iPods.

Finally, you can avail the option of selecting app access via WiFi-enabled devices. In other words, you can choose to make your app available to devices enabled with only a WiFi connection. In addition to this, you can add your customized choice of reaching people as per demographics and interests.

Customize facebook ad

Step5- Set a budget for your app’s ad

Here, you can choose to specify either the daily budget or the lifetime budget for promoting your mobile app. While the term “Daily budget” refers to the amount you’re willing to spend each day for promoting your app, the term “Lifetime budget” signifies the amount of cash you’re ready to spend on promoting the app until you don’t settle down for blocking your app’s ad from mobile users.

If you’ve chosen to measure installs for your app’s ad then your bids will optimize on an automatic basis whereas if you haven’t set up for measuring the app installs then its recommended to optimize the bids using advanced tools.

Facebook Ads

Step6- Make payment for advertising via Facebook

This is the last step involved in making an app ad installation-ready. You may skip this step if you’ve already advertised with Facebook. Otherwise, you need to pay a specific fee to Facebook before finalizing the order for attaining installation-ready status of your app ad.

facebook ads payment


So, that’s all about making your mobile app ad ready for installs. Hope you’d have liked the information furnished in this blog.

If you’ve a query regarding anything that’s been mentioned in this blog or want to share useful information on promoting an app, please feel free to use the comments section below.

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