How To Sell My Old Mobile Phone

How To Sell My Old Mobile Phone

Selling an old mobile phone is very different to selling a car or a piece of furniture, purely due to the dynamic nature of mobile phones. Firstly they are compact in size and secondly there are a huge amount of technical specifications associated to them. Above all mobile phones do not have a long history of being people’s personal possession as opposed to cars and furniture.

According to one of the latest reports published by GSMA most of the mobile phones at some point in their life cycle will cross international borders. The potential transponder movement in mobile phones include trade back schemes and recycling for the components.

As far as the case of used mobile phones is concerned it’s easy to find them a new home. In advanced European countries the trends have changed from selling mobile phones to normal shops to selling them online. Selling mobile phones online can be full of hassle and hurdles. But at the same time it can be very easy. For instance if you are thinking of selling my IPhone6 online you have two choices. Sell straight to the consumer through auctions and classified ad websites, such as EBAY and Gumtree.

This process might not be as simple as it sounds, as you may become involved in negotiations, chargebacks or trade disputes. But at the same time using websites such as EBAY, Amazon and gumtree. They do help you fetch the maximum amount of money for your new or used devices.

There is however another path in which one could use, to sell your old mobile phone. Which is using a recycling company such as rapid phone buyer, in the recent years most of the European countries and the UK has witnessed enormous measuring growth of mobile phone recycling companies. Currently there are well over 100 recycling companies in the industry in the UK alone. From small businesses to large enterprises involved in buy back schemes and the recycling of mobile phones. One should always consider checking any the trust pilot ratings before sending a device to ANY recycling company. As some of them have excellent trust pilot ratings. Whereas some of them have very poor customer reviews. When I though to “sell my iphone 6 plus” I compared several recycling websites and eventually sold it to the company paying the best possible amount with best ratings on trust pilot.

If one is thinking of sell their broken mobile phone device. Their best bet would be using the recycling websites. Rather than using auctions or classified add websites because on auction and comparison websites it’s always hard to justify and explain the problems associated with the device. But as far as the recycling websites are concerned they are happy. In most instances they are having a price war to get as many broken devices as possible from the customer.

Which way you choose to decide your mobile phone is your choice. But in my opinion you should check other venues in which you can do so. So that the maximum amount of money can be made by selling your used device. It’s always suggested to do the research before putting your own mobile phone up for sale.