5 Technologies

5 Technologies You Won’t Believe Exist

Moore’s Law says that our computing technology’s processing power should double every two years. This trend, which was predicted in 1965, is moving at a faster rate than ever. Certain technologies seen “only” in sci-fi movies actually exist in the real world today – you just don’t know it yet. Here are five advances in tech that you’ll be shocked are a thing of the present, not the future. Image… Read Article →

Hostgator Hosting

5 Solid Reasons Why I Like HostGator

There are so many web hosting companies to choose from, and over the years I have tried quite a few of them. My experience with web hosts has ranged from frustrating to neutral to satisfied. One company, however, stands out in terms of the level of service it has provided over the years. That company is HostGator. HostGator is certainly one of the most recognizable brand names on the web,… Read Article →

LG G2 Smartphone

Latest Smartphone LG G2 features to blow your mind away

Smartphones market has been seeing an upswing sale as it is something which every person wants to have. The basic features of all the smart phones are the same but what differentiate them are their additional mind blowing features which make them all the more interesting. The latest LG G2 model by the S. Korean manufacturers has drawn everyone’s attention already. The appealing features and technical specifications of this smartphone… Read Article →

Google ChromeBook

Google Chromebook – The smart pc of the new era

Google Chromebook is the latest thing in the electronic market. Google first launched its Chromebook in US and got instant success due to better internet penetration and usability. It was launched in India about two weeks later. But, in India the Google Chromebook had to undergo a struggle to make its place in the electronic market. This is due to a simple reason of less penetration of computer literacy in… Read Article →

LG Nexus 5

LG Nexus 5 With Android 4.4 KitKat

Yes, you heard it right. Google announced the LG Nexus 5. The 2nd Nexus device  manufacturer by LG for Google that packs some awesome features and delivers a outstanding hardware that goes straight into the line of high end in the smartphones market. LG Nexus 5 is available in two colours black and white, LG Nexus 5 has nothing to prove in order to make its place in the consumer… Read Article →

Google Chromecast Review

Google Chromecast Review

Google, Inc.,  is the one who never sits back and just relax enjoying the world’s view. Although, if it does so, then the whole World is going to be on a Holiday. Google always comes out with some new concepts that literally makes the human’s life much easier. Hope, you all remembered the idea of “Google Glass” from the Google itself – which has given a new vision to see… Read Article →