iPhone Data Eraser

A review of Wondershare iPhone Data Eraser

Different reasons might make you want to give away, sell or trade –in your electronic device, be it a PC or mobile device. However, do you think it is just enough to format your PC or mobile device before giving it away to the next user? Do you know that it is possible for someone with malicious intent liken an identity thief to recover all data from your PC or mobile device using various data recovery tools and use it for their benefit? They could get access to all the private data you were deleting in the first place.

The only way you can prevent all this is through use of advanced data deletion software that make it impossible to undo the process even with sophisticated data recovery tools. The nature of software used is dependent on the operating system running on the device; iOS devices are likely to need different software from Windows devices. Wondershare SafeEraser is a software for permanently deleting data from iDevices; iPhones, iPads, iPods and iTouchs.

 iPhone Data Eraser

About the Wondershare SafeEraser for iPhone

This software can be likened to a digital shredder that is fast and effective in wiping all private data such that identity thieves cannot recover even with advanced iDevice data recovery software like Wondershare’s Dr.Fone for iOS. It does all that in two simple steps; connect your iDevice and erase all data from any iDevice.

The software actually lets you wipe all data from your iDevice in two ways, each in just one click: one that allows you to erase all data on your device in one click after which you get a device that doesn’t have anything related to your privacy and the other allowing you to erase deleted files.

The software highlights

  • Three eraser modes
  • Data deletion from your iDevice quick
  • Medium needs 2 passes
  • High that requires passes
  • Impossible to recover erased data
  • 2 methods of deleting data
  • Compatible with all iDevices

Details about the features

Wondershare SafeEraser features three varied eraser modes that make it easy to permanently delete data from your iDevice based on your needs at the time of deletion.

  • Low-1 pass mode that allows you to wipe data from your iDevice at the fastest speed. For it to wipe all data from your device, it writes a single pass of zeros.
  • Medium-involves 2 passes that make it impossible for anyone to tell whether you erased data from the device. It involves writing two passes of random data that is followed by a single pass of specific data throughout the iDevice. Through this approach, the existing and deleted data from any of your iOS devices will be overwritten with random data.
  • High involves 3 passes that meet DOD 5220-22 M standard. This is the most secure data destruction approach because it involves writing over the existing and deleted data 3 times using DOD 5220 – 22 M standard making it irrecoverable even with the most sophisticated data recovery methods. However, it takes time for the process to be completed.
  • The process cannot be undone-This advanced data destruction software deletes all data from your iOS device permanently, which means no one would be able to recover the deleted data. If you want to use the data, you should back up to avoid losing it after using the SafeEraser.
  • The software allows you to delete destroy all private data using two approaches. You can erase all data from any of your iOS devices in two approaches.
  • Erasing all the data from your device even if you had not previously deleted anything from the device.

Erasing the files that are already deleted that may still be existing on your device hence ensuring that you don’t leave any record of your private information. You have to install iTunes on your device for this to work. The application is compatible with iTunes 10 and iTunes 11.

Compatible with all iDevices- Wondershare SafeEraser is specially designed to be used on all devices that run on iOS including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch irrespective of the version. All you have to do is plug the device to any Mac where the software is installed and erase the data.

When do you need the Wondershare SafeEraser most?

Preventing identify theft

If you are going to sell your old iDevice, donate it to charity, exchange it with a friend or trade it in with something else, you wouldn’t want any of the information that is available on your device to find its way to identity thieves. Some of the personal information they could get access to are your passwords, browser history, call logs, bank account details, contacts and other personal details you wouldn’t want anyone else to be using. Its ability to wipe all data from iDevices permanently makes it the best in eliminating chances of you being a victim of identity theft.


This is the best software to help you wipe all personal data from your iDevice before disposing it. You can try before buying or purchase it risk free since it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.